Motherhood & Design

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Motherhood is beautiful and tough, it´s a bittersweet feeling I never knew existed. Some call it a beautiful chaos others simply call it the perks of being a mom. 


While pregnant I felt I had nine months to accomplish so many things I had set for myself before having kids, all while leading a mindful pregnancy, I felt I had little time to leave everything set. By everything I mean all things related to my design studio, I wanted to have all my new designs ready, to have enough stock for the first few months which I wouldn’t have the time to make, to prepare all the material I would need. 


Then I said, wait! You don’t have to have it all figured out before the baby arrives, it´s something you will figure out as you go along, you will make time to work on your projects, to create new pieces, to have your inventory in full stock and for now, I can say we have managed! She is a strong force that makes me keep going. It may sound like a cliché but this small family we have created is my motivation to strive to accomplish all that I want in my personal life and with my business.


Having a girl of my own, I have learned how important it is to raise strong, independent girls who will then become confident women with a voice. I have learned how important it is to make them know their worth and make them strive to accomplish their dreams, not everyone else’s, THEIR dreams. I want her to know that if you work with passion, on what you love and with the right mindset, you can accomplish anything you set for yourself.


With my baby girl, things have changed and my goal now a days, setting business aside, is to make her smile and to hear her laugh every single day, it’s as simple as that. By setting your priorities you say a lot about yourself and about the family you want to raise and for now I can say this has been an amazing new challenge.

 An important lesson I have learned: take care of yourself always, keep doing what you love, keep having your me time, your wine with friends, your time to workout, your time to read and indulge yourself with knowledge and of course your time to design, to create.



Carla Speck