The winding road that led me to design


It’s funny how one thing leads to the next and so on until you look back and everything seems to be somehow connected to where you have to be. My path toward jewelry design was a winding road full of curves and detours, it was something that was within me but my conscious mind was keeping me from it. Little did I know that when you have a passion for something, everything around you works it way to embark you on that creative journey.

That being said, this journey started in Barcelona, Spain, where I was studying hotel management. The city was beautiful, the architecture, the food, the vibe, I loved everything about this city and still do. In the world of hotel management, I found myself always being pulled towards the area of event planning, which was more on the creative side for me. Working with flower arrangements, colors, design aesthetic was what I loved most. However, it was after a few years and briefly working in event management in Miami that I decided to pursue a design career and enrolled in an associates degree in Fashion Design.

That love for designing flower arrangements had migrated to working with all kinds of fabrics, textures, color palettes and details. I had gone from working in all hotels areas from being kitchen staff, to waitressing, to front desk, to threading a needle and sowing soft, delicate fabrics. Evening dresses were my favorite, the colors, the details, the embroidery and beadwork blew my mind and I could spend hours in studio enjoying this and only this. It was after long hours working with dresses that my mind began to wander and subconsciously I began making accessories from scraps of fabrics laying around my cutting table, first it was hair accessories, then I would wrap these scraps of fabric around my wrist for a boho chic look, all while I kept sewing.

My attention settled on bracelets wraps, which then evolved into necklaces and I took the impulse of signing up to a wax modeling class to start working with metals and began creating from scratch my own silver pieces. Mixing and matching materials such as silver with threads and colors was how it all began, one piece lead to the next and the collection started blooming.

Now I can say that I have found where I want to be, how I want to design and to whom. It is only now, that when I look back, this winding road makes sense because it was through all these experiences that I ended up where I am supposed to. I invite you to follow the journey we are embarking with our brand and become part of this creative process that keeps evolving.


Juan Daniel Cardenas