About us

Fascinated by handcrafting cultures and inspired by symbolic design elements, style and art fusion to create a unique fashion jewelry brand. Our mission is to create timeless, artisanal made jewelry pieces for everyday use. Pieces that can be worn as daily reminders of love and protection.

Carla Speck jewelry is uniquely designed and responsibly handcrafted in studio, carefully working each piece by hand, one by one. Our pieces are one size fits all and seasonless.


About the designer

Having grown up between South America, the United States and Europe, a keen eye for design was developed by designer Carla Speck, absorbing from a young age the diversity in style and culture each country possessed. It was after her Hospitality Management degree from Barcelona, Spain and briefly working in the field of event management, that she pursued the creative passion she had carried while growing up, enrolling in an associated degree in Fashion Design from MiamiInternational University of Art and Design. Through this strong influence, her passion for design evolved and it was in her studio were she began creating accessories and exploring different handcrafting techniques to transform her sketches and ideas into what us now an eclectic jewelry brand that combines hand-cast pendants, vibrant color combinations and symbolic design elements.